Episode 347: Moana

Review: Moana

Trailer Spot: The Mummy, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

Opening and Closing Song: How Far I'll Go by Auli'i Cravalho/Lin-Manuel Miranda

Had I not been lazy on my couple days away from work I might have seen a second film, but since I didn't you all only get one. *Insert evil laugh* As such what is up above is pretty much what you getting for this show. Lately I have been putting the Trailer Spots in between the news and I feel it helps break things up a little bit. Hopefully you all feel the same. Well enjoy the show!

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Episode 346: Bleed for This

Review: Bleed for This

Trailer Spot: Fences, Silence

Opening and Closing Song: Monkey by George Michael

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Episode 345: Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

Review(s): Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, Trumbo

Trailer Spot: xXx: Return of Xander Cage, Beauty and the Beast, Ghost in the Shell

Opening and Closing Song: Lone Digger by Caravan Palace

The review is actually relevant for once! Or more relevant than usual at the very least. As promised two episodes ago, as you can see, is the xXx trailer and then there are a couple other trailers I felt were worth talking about. As I explain in show there is no box office because I am currently up to date and if I get to see Bleed for This I should have another show in tow. Well enjoy!

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Episode 344: Hacksaw Ridge

Review(s): Hacksaw Ridge, Inferno

Opening and Closing Song: G.I Jive by Johnny Mercer

Everyone welcome Josh to the show, it's his first and hopefully not last appearance. It was tons of fun to just B.S. while talking about movies. And while I realize that there was no news I do have something planned in the interim that could very well happen in the near future. And by that I mean another episode because I do have a movie in reserve, or I could be awesome and review Fantastic Beasts at the same time and the review could be semi-relevant for once. Well enough of the pointless typing, I hope you enjoy the show!

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Episode 343: Feeling a Little Strange

Review: Doctor Strange

Opening and Closing Song: Feel Invincible by Skillet

Yeah don't listen to me about the Trailer Spot, I lied. Or rather I spoke the truth and then went back on my word. But as you can see while you are reading this, even without the trailer this week the show crested an hour. So hopefully for those of you that had your hopes set on xXx: The Return of Xander Cage, keep those hopes up for next week when I get to it.

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Episode 342: Never Go Back

Review(s): Jack Reacher: Never Go Back, The Magnificent Seven (1960)

Trailer Spot: Arrival, Logan

Opening and Closing Song: She Thinks my Tractor is Sexy by Kenny Chesney

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Episode 341: The Accountant

Review: The Accountant

Trailer Spot: Hacksaw Ridge

Opening and Closing Song: Stompbox by The Qemists

I have the perfect alternative of the final debate, ignoring the fact that it is already over. (Thank God.) But assuming that someone has the ability to go back into the past and somehow having this episode available this would be the perfect alternative. But if you don't have time travel abilities you'll just have to make do with the erratic release schedule. At this point I'm just glad I made the time and used my nights to get this recorded and edited for you all. Enjoy the show!


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Episode 340: The Girl on the Train

Review(s): The Girl on the Train, Across the Universe

Trailer Spot: John Wick Chapter 2

Opening and Closing Song: I Apologize by Five Finger Death Punch

Another random song, didn't want to risk getting sued by whoever owns the rights to all of The Beatles songs. I actually considered using a hard rock song for the last episode but I figured it was better not too. Anyways two episodes in one day, if only I could do that all the time. Then again I would need to be employed in a way where I get paid but don't actually do anything...ah my dream job. *Shakes head* But I digress I know The Girl on the Train was the big winner this weekend so it only felt appropriate to review it, hopefully you enjoy my take on it. There is other stuff after that so definitely don't stop there. Well enjoy the show!

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Episode 339: Sully

Review(s): Sully, My Many Sons

Trailer Spot: Power Rangers, Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales

Opening and Closing Song: The Story by Coldrain

I had the damnedest time finding a song for this round, there was one song from Sully but it was nothing noteworthy but if you look at the other movie I review I don't think there was a "soundtrack" to speak of. So yes this song was completely random and I wanted this released instead of looking through an infinite number of songs to find that right song for this show. Well I think that was enough typing to fill in this space so I hope you enjoy the show!

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Episode 338: The Magnificent Seven

Review: The Magnificent Seven

Trailer Spot: Passengers (2016)

Opening and Closing Song: The Magnificent Seven - Main Title and Calvera by Elmer Bernstein

If I'm not lazy I might fill this in later

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