Episode 341: The Accountant

Review: The Accountant

Trailer Spot: Hacksaw Ridge

Opening and Closing Song: Stompbox by The Qemists

I have the perfect alternative of the final debate, ignoring the fact that it is already over. (Thank God.) But assuming that someone has the ability to go back into the past and somehow having this episode available this would be the perfect alternative. But if you don't have time travel abilities you'll just have to make do with the erratic release schedule. At this point I'm just glad I made the time and used my nights to get this recorded and edited for you all. Enjoy the show!


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Episode 340: The Girl on the Train

Review(s): The Girl on the Train, Across the Universe

Trailer Spot: John Wick Chapter 2

Opening and Closing Song: I Apologize by Five Finger Death Punch

Another random song, didn't want to risk getting sued by whoever owns the rights to all of The Beatles songs. I actually considered using a hard rock song for the last episode but I figured it was better not too. Anyways two episodes in one day, if only I could do that all the time. Then again I would need to be employed in a way where I get paid but don't actually do anything...ah my dream job. *Shakes head* But I digress I know The Girl on the Train was the big winner this weekend so it only felt appropriate to review it, hopefully you enjoy my take on it. There is other stuff after that so definitely don't stop there. Well enjoy the show!

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Episode 339: Sully

Review(s): Sully, My Many Sons

Trailer Spot: Power Rangers, Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales

Opening and Closing Song: The Story by Coldrain

I had the damnedest time finding a song for this round, there was one song from Sully but it was nothing noteworthy but if you look at the other movie I review I don't think there was a "soundtrack" to speak of. So yes this song was completely random and I wanted this released instead of looking through an infinite number of songs to find that right song for this show. Well I think that was enough typing to fill in this space so I hope you enjoy the show!

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Episode 338: The Magnificent Seven

Review: The Magnificent Seven

Trailer Spot: Passengers (2016)

Opening and Closing Song: The Magnificent Seven - Main Title and Calvera by Elmer Bernstein

If I'm not lazy I might fill this in later

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Episode 337: Crimson Party

Review(s): Sausage Party, Crimson Peak

Trailer Spot: The Birth of a Nation

Opening and Closing Song: I'd Do Anything for Love (But I Won't Do That) by Meat Loaf

I was going to post a rhetorical question but upon giving it a seconds worth of thought I realized that my logic was far from sound. So having said that I don't know what else I should do to fill in this space so that it looks like there is important stuff here. As you can see above I have two irrelevant reviews one more than the other. I'm trying to make a renewed effort to talk about some of the movies this fall in the Trailer Spot so that way maybe I'll find a hidden gem or two or at least something that looks halfway ok. Remember people feel free to ask for me to review something, this is a good time to do that. And as always enjoy the show!

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Episode 336: FFJ

Review: Florence Foster Jenkins

Opening and Closing Song: Adele's Laughing Song by Florence Foster Jenkins

Have you ever wanted to be a singer, to sing in front of people, without fear of being made fun of? But maybe your voice just wasn't up to snuff? Well the movie that I review is the story of Florence Foster Jenkins who is known for not being a particularly great singer. But her spirit and passion for music is what kept her going despite her blissful ignorance to her own singing voice. It's a good and somewhat good and sometimes sad story. As I said in my review this film is probably going to be big for an older crowd but if you appreciate movies outside of mainstream Hollywood this is actually a good option for you.

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Minisode 52: A Boy, A Girl, A Beast, and a Psycho-Pass

Review(s): Psycho-Pass: The Movie, The Boy and the Beast, Little Witch Academia, and The Girl Who Leapt Through Time

Opening and Closing Song: Xenogenesis by TheFatRat

I realize the song choice is not anime related, however, since I decided to do all anime movies for this round there were no songs that I wanted to pick from. I could have reused the them song from Psycho-Pass but decided against it. Most because I'm already repetitive enough without using the same songs.

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Episode 335: Kubo the Infiltrator

Review(s): The Infiltrator, Kubo and the Two Strings

Opening Song:

Closing Song:

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Review(s): Eddie the Eagle

Trailer Spot: Mr. Church

Opening and Closing Song: Jump by Van Halen

Have you ever had a dream and life just got in the way to make sure that didn't happen? Well here is the story of a man who defied the odds and made it to the Olympics back in 1988. The story of the Eddie "The Eagle" Edwards is an interesting one, as I mention in the show I believe that the movie is probably highly fictionalized but still an entertaining piece of movie. After my review of said movie I bring the Box Office Report and the news, mixed in with a Trailer Spot. Enjoy the show!

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Episode 333: Suicide Squad

Review(s): Suicide Squad

Opening Song: Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap by AC/DC

Closing Song: Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen

Are they the worst heroes ever? Well by all rights they weren't heroes to begin with, but I would say in recent memory the folks that made the lovely adaptation of Fantastic 4 probably deserve the award for worst heroes ever...at least for right now. The titular suicide squad are definitely bad guys that are brought in to do something good and that's about all you need to know. The plot is a tad muddled after the 30 minute introductions, so as the audience we understand what is supposed to happen but the movie realizes it is driving and decides to take a different route. That being said they have two parts that are meant to be shocking that come off as a big question mark since you don't understand why the characters are reacting that way. Otherwise it is a fun little film, not among my favorites but I would see it again.

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